The Book, the film & random parts.

I rewatched the wizord of Oz last night and realised they had the film pretty much spot on! when reading the parts of the new unit i was given, it was hard to look for any thing to discribed differently from the book, they had most of the scenes menitoned in the book but they had aslo added some random parts aswell.
like for exsample they didnt put no hats on the munchkins and there was no animals in oz but in the film there was all types of animals like muti-colored hourses in the city on Oz.
I tried to find some concept art for The gret wizord of Oz but couldn't find anything, i think is because its a old film.
so i tried looking at other artist, or concept draw about Oz.

trying my hardest not to look at the crappy characters and looking only at the background i like the way that Oz was drawn. it looks really cleaver but it looks to simple .
i also like the yellow brick road that w
as also used in this picture, the reason why i like it is because its not in place and perfect, its old and some blocks are missing and replaced with plants and grass.

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