reserach for portraits

The briefing for the first unit was very straight forward, i have had a few ideas that i would like to play out in this unit.
i will be looking at afew different artiest, each of them may have different skills in their portraiture, and different meanings to their paintings. Jenny saville, known for her extream portraites, enhanced colors and over exaggerated body shapes. i thought she would be a great study for my unit. I love the way jenny saville is not afraid to show how things look like and the colors that she uses in her work. she gives the human flesh a vibrant tone and even tho some people are disgusted by some of her works, i find her work very fassanating.
To me Rembrandt paintings had a objective to the veiwer, he made made me look at one perticular part of his portarits by adding dark brown backgrounds and light highlights of certian facal body parts, Rembrandt has made all of his portrait paintings ,to me, quite honest,in the self portrait of 1657, i was also stuck by the art of Ben Quilty who is a young artiest that paints in a unique way he uses spray paint and oil paints togteher to create a sort of blockey style of painting. In his paintings you can see all of the brush strockes that he has used on the canvus some of them will be bold colors that have not been blended and others will look like they are still in the process of getting blended, his work is very intresting when looked at closely and when seen from a distance the paintings colors really merge together.
taking some of the skills in these artiest i wish to create a good final portrait piece.

and ask the question " Dose a Portrait had a voice"
i think this unit will be a chalange!

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