Voice of a portrait

Do portraits speak out to us?

looking at some of the protraits that we had seen in the letcures i have decided to try and put a comprition of some of my favrauite portraits and the ones that "spoke out to me"

stuart pearson wright. even tho this was not show in a picture lecture, this picture still caught my intrest in the video, to me this video says "hi this is normal every day life for me and am just brushing my teeth" i thought thats inportant because portraits are mostly about slighly posed to get the views thinking, the jester of a human can or head can change the viewers point of view alot but this dosn't really do that!
the painting has been painted with the mirror in it, i dont really kno the reason why this is but i also noticed that there are paintings on the wall aswell.... i sure done have no paintings on my bathroom wall what the hell was stuart wright thinking?

Lucian Freud uses strong bush stokes to do his portraits, some times his paintings look almost blockey, in this painting (above) he has painting the queen with a truthfull and serious face. he uses naturall poses in he paintings and keeps the skin always intresting with differnt tone colours and shades.

Egon scheile took me by suprise when i saw his paintings he uses such 'dirty' colours to other portraits , he makes makes himself extra skinny but i dont know if was all true. apperently egon hated himself , but the way i thought of it is, maybe he didnt want to seen himself as everyone else, his painting explores a strong mix of colours with his own his portrait speaks out to me because even tho he's trying to seperates himself from normal portraits he also attracts aswell because he of his style of painting"

che guevera (above) is a well known by people that dont even know him! this portrait speaks to almost every one, fro the portrait along we understand he is a leader from his portrait, his eyes look serious and heroic. i like this photo because its staright forward and hasn't been alterd in anyway.

Alexander gardener's photo of lewis payne befor he died is a sad thing to think about but if you didnt know nothing about the story of lewis payne it wouldnt strike to you how sad the portraite really is, the reason why i felt this painting spoke to me was because lewis payne almost looks like hes already dead, he looks peacfull and calm like he knew his fate befor he tried to commit murder. it says to me hes not afaid of what is about to happen to him in a few hours.

Looking at this picture made me laugh at first but when in deep thought it could be taken seriously, since of young age i have thought mutiple times 'what if this person was of a different race?" will he still be accepted as the hero or star he is today, race is a huge issue in the world today and no matter how many times people say its been overlooked i feel it never will.
this portraite sopke to me in many levels and i think still will when i reach a older age.

looking at these different types of portraits welly made me think of what to do next and what steps i must take to complete my final portrait.

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