emerald city

Looking at all the scenes for my story I tried to pick out the most time consuming out of all them, I thought the Emerald city had the most description out of the scenes that was picked for this projected so I started to look into it.
The scene is described as basically ‘Green’ so thinking of reasons why the city was green started to come to mind the whole city is made out of emeralds, hence it being called Emerald city, so that was the starting of the greenness
The city was also described with a green sky and green rays on light, so what was behind that?
So I came up with the theory that in front of the sun, there was a green planet, and it reflected its colour onto Oz to give it its green tint.

The city was described in the first scene as a great city run but the great wizard so I thought I would make it advanced.

in the picture above, I looked at the scene and what descriptions it contained, I also designed so little compression plans to go with how where I wanted the palace to be placed.
Comp1. was the first compression I had planned in my head but it didn’t really work out, or may be I just needed to keep playing around with it a little more.

Comp2. is a idea that somebody was talking about a type of Sydney opera house type of glass around the palace with a emerald city around it. I liked the idea but to after drawing it I realised that I hadn’t yet picked a shape for my palace.
Comp3. was not yet completed because I was distracted with the thought that I hadn’t got a shape for my palace, but I was thinking for this compression to have it form a back view of the palace looking down towards the city.

In the Picture above i was just looking a doodling with compressions, I had in my mind kind of made up about the structure in the middle of page as my palace, but I was still curious if I could produce better palaces.

I looked at other cites and great builds made by artist and sculptures and also digital artist, I looked also into art Nuevo, a pattern that was used a lot in the 1900’s
I knew I could also use this pattern in the last scene of my projected were I would be looking in the palace of in.

Buildings by Gaudi,
To me his work was sort of unpredictable he uses all types of methods that look amazing and unique to architecture nowadays. And the position he had place lighting in the buildings really bring out the contours of his buildings.

here are some gaudi sketches i used and try to make them more crystal like.

Is the obsessed idea of my perfect palace in more detail, but as I said I wanted to explore in concepts of palace. Gaudi’s ideas of the buildings helped and gave me a few more ideas for the palace but I thought I would try and explore other places,
I came across the fortress of solitude in the Superman comics. It was interesting and I thought I would base one of my designs on it. Fig.2
Fig3. was more of a play around I wasn’t comfortable with that fact that all my designs would look similar.

Here are some more sketches for my palae that i had thought of, picture1 downwards is based on stuctures that are Symmetrical
Picture 2 downwards is based on a more wild and uniquie type of palace and picture 3 downwards is based on a more natural and land type palaces.

The study for emeralds in Oz was really straight forward; I looked at different shapes of emeralds and then sort of devolved my own, with the added art Nuevo patterns on top.
I hade a lot of different shapes for my emeralds, and picked out my favourites, I wanted a complex of different shades, tones and wide range of green colours in the city, so I looked at diamonds, crystals and glass but some of the objects I didn’t have ( or could afford) so I also looked at ice. I thought ice was the closet thing to diamond I could have it grew quiet similar to diamond and I gave off great light effects when shown on.

Emerald high-hill shoe!
Before I saw this picture I thought that emerald couldn’t be carved or shaped,
And most of my sketches were all the same for the palace of Oz.
And this picture opened up new ideas

Ice sculpture
I like the lighting used in this ice sculpture it makes the sculpture look stronger and more complex then it already is

This curvy ice sculpture opens a lot for my city. It also reminds me of the art Nuevo style, I might use this in my landscaped.

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  1. Godwin - at last, I'm now following the right 'Godwin Blog'! - and everything is looking very interesting - some of your sketches are very evocative - especially the 'crystal-like' kind...


    Below is a link to a third year blog - James Garner - who is currently working on an adaptation of an HP Lovecraft short story... check it out and spread the link around amongst your classmates - it will make interesting viewing in light of your current project...