this film was truly a love hate film,
there was mixed opinions from the whole class, and my opinion was mixed, the notes i write for this film:
-there was alot of dark scenery at the starting, and what was goin on made me want to walk out!

-i noticed that the characters had changed their clothing every time they had walked into a new area,

- there was set lighting for every area wich made it confusing.

- i noticed the main womans clothes changed when the lover had dided and did not change when the lighting was different. i guess this showed she was stonger.

nere end of the film i was on the edge of my seat and was wondering what would happen. for once in my life i was satisfied when i saw the ending, i couldn't think of anything better, the theif did deserve to die! and eat the lovers cock!
i never really watched this film all the way through when i was a child, so it was nice to peace all the little parts i did see when i was younger together, i think the film had

I avoided this film since i was a child because am slighty screamish, (as you probaly saw when we was watching the film)

i think i was slightly concitrated more on writing then waiting for someone to be killed! so here are my notes on alien

- i found there was great detail on the outter part of the ship the interia of the ship was also full of detail, i guess this gave you the impression that ship mates were very cleaver, before we even saw them, the camera was also moving slow looking around the coners giving us the perspective that the sipe had a complecated path.

- i found some of the areas to be cramped. but when you have a look at some of the concepit for the film the look more spacus.

-i enjoyed watching them use there space equiptment because i found that it was explained visiuraly,
wich i think is an important part in a futuristic film.

- i found the landscapes in the film really intresting, if i had walked into the film at the part were they are exploring the distress signal, i would understand that there were on a alien planet, because of the to moons. and the rocky landscape.

- the intria on the alien ship was also intresting and smooth. everthing to me looked liked bones, rib cages and spines and i dout it was because i had already seen giger work.

- when the first person dies it was such a lovley atmosphere it was totaly unexsepted.

-the film felt really new in a way but some of the secenes felt really outdated, you could see some of matrials used on the alien like to me i think they use clear plastic alot.

the ending was alittle obvious to me, and some people will argue that it was a little sexural to see the ladie strip down, but i didnt really see it as a sexural secene just a honest part of the film. every1 sweats and she did alot at the last scence its not her fault she had pointy pipples ... maybe it was cold!

the hauting was intresting! i remeber being scared as a child to the most recent film, but i was a bit of a girl back them ( still am lol)
but here are some notes that i had write up when watching the film.

-Atmophere built up by the satrting of film buy the almost silhouette picture of the house, but they used almost the same camera shot for every time you saw the house.

-i thoyught i was intresting the way that almost evry death was seen in a first person view, i guess i gave us the feeling we was diing ourselfs but without the pain.

- i thought there was afew great landscapes shots shown but the house, while getting there and also build up atmosphere when past the gates on the house because of the dence forest like Scenary.another film with great camera angels used frew out the film. my best camera shot in the film was the first time the ladies encounted the haunting with the door, the way the camera went around the rim of the door slowly while turning gave it a bone chilling moment.

I was really amazed on how amazing i thought this film was!. i enjoyed it loads and the plot of the film was very good!
the lighting through out the whole film was good! my best example of great lighting was the part where the wife is tied up under water dead in the river, there are steams of light pouring into the water onto her face and other random seleted suroundings, to pull somthing like that in them days had me thinking for a very long time! the angles used in the film had alot of thought in them, alot of the time a silhouette of a object was infront of the camera giving you u a slight feeling that you had almost stepped into the film yourself, and other times a nice lighted foreground and a faded silhouette background, they played with silhouette alot and it gave a slight mystery to some of the scenes. another slight confussing after the prist was caught, felt like they had rushed the ending.

the stong visual models used in this film was the start of a new era in 1927! metropololis is set in the 1927's idea of the future! where every thing is not as smooth as we now days think it should be.

mertopolis was one of the first futuristic movies made, and it nice to see that at first not all futuristic films didnt have this grimmy and depressing Scenary but mertropolis is kind of a mix of both thou, mixing the hard and exhausted workers of a perfect world! for a black a white film i saw this clear as daylight the films lighting was well thought through! i got slightly confussed at the end but it was explained to me by Bob, i coudn't find what crits said about the film back then, i myself didnt really enjoy it, ( sorry to the people that did)

but i thought for a very old silent film it was very good, in the Scenary & lighting.

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