i have been looking asome plans for my picture . looing at different angles and views of how it would look like.

i was confused when allison came up and asked the question "What is a cylone!"

cylones and tornados are totaly different things what do do think a cyclone is?

i also this image aswell . i was looking at shadow shapes and some sky,
i decided i wantted more sky with my picture beacuse in the story it was dicribed as a very boren scene, and i looked at different pictures of kanas to see how it looked like. as you can see its plane land.

i wanted a really dramtic sky for my kansus painting and i rembered i had taken a picture a while ago of a really wierd sky. i thought i would this picture as a insiratinal sky to refect to.

i have no idea waht was happening but it looked almost like a storm was about to happen or there was a fire some place else.

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