this is my final picture of the cyclone/tornado??? at kanas. i am pleased with the amount of detail i have put in the clouds beacuse i felt it had to stand out asmuch the tornado/cyclone and any detail with in the picture
sorry but i cant upload any pictures i did before hand but they wouldn't upload!


  1. Hi Godwin - try and get some 'atmospherics' into this image; imagine the air full of dust - like a gauze across the bottom half of the image; at the moment, it's still feeling a bit 'clean' and 'debris free'...

  2. Godwin—
    May I use your Kansas tornado image for a Wizard of Oz poster? It's for a small, nonprofit community theatre group in Salem, Oregon USA. I am doing the poster without charge so I cannot offer you money. But if approved, I would include a small image credit on the poster. I would also send you a PDF of the finished poster. Please send response to along with the email address you would like the poster image mailed. Thanks, Fred