artest research.

Bernard Faucon

i think Frucon had caught my view from most of the other artiest because he used the element of the world to create a weird and uncanny world, all of the picture are also very ambiguous it dose make you stare and wonder how did they those elements get into the room, i picked the room pictures saga because the space that is giving to the picture is slightly cut off anonymous, i thought i created even more ambiguous depth with in the picture. i tried not to pick pictures with the human figure within it because i wanted to avoid using a humans in my final piece

this picture has so much ambiguity and tableau vivant-style towards it and a uncanny feature of floating books it can be seen with many different views ,
the random light point hitting the moving figure standing up can't been seen. was it meant to highlight the figures and the room that well. but my interpretation of this picture is the boy have just had a argument and one of them have thrown the books up in frustration and walked of in a strop.

the figure above shows, what i class personally, one of his best photographs
the depth and energy of the flames in the picture shows how uncontrolled the flame is, and the table in the middle of the fire also shows the piece and calmness of the picture, i think the white untuched bowl in the middle of the picture could symbolize the human soul at a hectic time in live. and thats why i like the picture

once again i also think this picture is very symbolic, the lightly colored cream room and a bright unknown light pouring through the window can be seen as a calm and vocal point of the picture, the wild, tall thin blades of free green grass can be seen as chotic point or as seen as a free and wild point to the viewer.

Ellen Kooi.

i discovered this photographer while looking at random photos on google.
i thought her work was really unique but it also reminded me of Faucon's work as well.
it takes elements of strange things that are happing around. things that cant be explained.
originally i did want to avoid using humans in the picture but i felt like i need to add this photographer because i found her work so interesting.

a man moving out of the water. where did he come from? and where is he going.

this picture's lighting scenery is well thought about, i like the way the scene is misty and slightly mysterious but at the same time clear. the trees show a mix of different lighting points. it reminded of the scene i was thinking for my final rendered picture

i love the concept of this picture, the boy is stairing into a empty space but also has a green slight in his face.

more pictures with ambiguity and table vivant-style to it

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