i guess that it is a normal thing to be thinking of other lifeforms in the universe and why would need to come down to a small planet like earth. The creator of " Invasion of the body snatchers" walter wanger, had a different idea of how a invasion would take place in such a highly populated planet, the thing that makes this story so good is because the only way could tell if someone was taken over in this story is the slight change in emotions, but every thing esle was perfect to the humanbeing when it cam to looks, feel and smell.
Being taking over by giant pod like plants from a different planet is a pretty far fetched idea but you could say it worked because it gave you a understanding of where the double gangers came from.

i think the reason why film was successful and made a huge thumb print on the sci-fi world is because that fact that is was different, the aliens had a smart approach to invading the world and it was also hard to believe anyone that knew the truth, it also made the person that was most cloest to you even closer when you watched this film.


Am not 100% sure what to say for this film. i found it funny at some parts, but when i think about it most acting was like that around that time! the story did have more of a invasion feel to it, with the aliens fighting back and caring radiation ray tubes. this film had controlled people , and they are a lot more noticeable then invasion of the body snatchers, having a mark on the back of your neck and bad ass attitude gave you away as a Mars invasion imploee.

i was disappointed with how the aliens looked in this film, a species that lives underground with a high tec. spaceship (that glows in the dark!!!) and a new technology will not have three fingers, smooth skin, nose and lips, clearly they didn't think it throw.
This film freaked the hell out of me, i was constantly thinking of what was going though this ladies head through out the film and wasn't sure how to react, the character carol has been living with her sister for a while and seem slightly wired and delusional, but when her sister leaves the house to go on holiday she has a psychotic break down. and kills to people that attack her. The camera angles used in the movie has a great effect on the viewer,what was going on in the movie seemed more realistic at times, it made me feel slightly strange.the director Polanski uses all these camera tricks and changing of sets to have hands and cracks appear out of nowhere to convince us she has gone insane, with tense moments and confusing moments the film will leave a impression

DEAD OF THE NIGHT : ventriloquist's dummy

i thought was a chilling story, of a ventriloquist how falls under control of his own dummy hugo,
i thought the segment to this story was well thought, and i can differently see a sequel to this film as well, i think it made a great story because when you look at these
the thing that made this story so uncanny was the fact that you wasn't sure if the doll is alive.


the plot for this story was very interesting, its based on a regular family that move to a town call Stephord, there is a weird mystery about the men of town as they are researching unnecessary things among the ladies of the town.
what we find out later is that the ladies are being researched to be remade into perfect hard working house wife's.
the uncanny thing about is that they are not close to perfect, because they are too nice, and dont really get tired, they cant drink and react to some things which makes it slightly spooky


i thought Halloween was a great story! the thing i liked about the story of Halloween was the fact that even thou the killer was human he didn't act human, he acted as if he was not human.
the ambiguity of the whole film is that at the end of the film you are not sure 100% if the killer really was human, by the amount of times he dies and resurrects. getting shot about six times and falling from a high height didn't still kill him.
despite how sceared i was in the film i think ill will watch the sequle HALLOWEEN TWO and see how it compaired to the first film!


I watched THE POLAR EXPRESS and was surprised at how realistic the characters looked in the film as like in the film Bewolf , everything looked really realistic and almost life like.

i think the relationship between good animation and realism is the certain features of the original actor, put into the animation or body parts that suit the human face or figure.

as you can see the resemble each other .. but the top picture will fall in the uncanny catugory because its not real. just looks real

Angelina jolie in real life.


I have always been interested in this film as a child but i never really got to watch the whole film to be honest, i was more then happy to sit down and watch this film on the christmas holidays.
but I still didn't get to finish the film.

the story line is based on a UFO sighting through out America

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