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iv been listen to and reading peoples blogs and found so much of it interesting this, i wish i cold come up with something half as interesting! for my i was thinking more on the lines of, putting things where they are not meant to be, and more on the lines of sand, this idea just came to mind when i researched on the photography artiest Bernard Faucon. i think the think that intrested me about Faucons work, was the photos of un-natural elements of things in un-natural places, i looked at a few elements and thought about what the objects oppisties are like. fire and water, sky and land!

i came up idears like sea objects in Sand.
i thought the idea was uncanny because things like boats and surf boards will never be seen in the desert.

jack also gave me the idea of a house filled with sand!
this also sounded really good to me, for a house filled with sand is useless, and uncanny. i thought i would try and make the house even more uncanny by adding fish at the bottom of the house,

if i could make them look alive some how that will also be great

here are some pictures i thought i would look at for my unit 3 project,

i was thinking more of the lines of a cabin loghouse and green woodland forrest!

out of all of the pictures i have picked for my log cabin i thin this top picture was the best! it shows the logs very well and it gives me a gd idea of how it looks.

abit of a small log cabin,

i like the side chimney

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