more uncanny films

these are some uncanny film that i have thought about myself!.

some one that take the comfort of your home or sentry and can turn them into a living nightmare

Terminator, has got to be one of the first films that come to mind!... because the fact that any "terminator" looks 100% human but is be a robot. the thing that makes this story good and slightly uncanny is that the terminators don't really have feelings and pain. so i guess slapping them is one of the best your friends ways to know if your friend is a cyborg from the future ready to kill you.

in the sequel, Terminator -judgement day, the enemy liquid metal robot, is seen with more upgrades, like being veracity indestructible with acting skills which is also a terrifying thought as well, he also has the ability to change he appearance when ever he feels like it, i think this is the reason why the terminator films have been so successful to viewers because is makes you think about the future , how far its going and whether if robots are getting too advanced. a very scary thought.

i think another film that came to mind is the adorable character in "short circuit"! to whoever has not seen this film i would recommend, the film features a robot that come to "life" and tries to live its life to the fullest, even tho its just a robot, the character johnny five wins many family hearts with this film. This film is strange because the robot really classifies himself as a normal robot and try his hardest.
even tho he dosnt look slightly human what so ever, his actions and robot feelings make him more human then some of us today
people also compares this film to the recently released Pixar film wall-e. which also stars a very very i identical and charcter simultaneity

I great thing i remember watching was i was a child was the film or series of "V"
it was put into 4 extra long series or short films

the story of V is of a alien life force that has landed on earth. the thing is these aliens don't look like aliens the look like humans.but its all a cover up of what they really look like underneath the aliens are really walking talking lizards ready to take over the world! how scary is that, some humans soon discover this and plan to lunch a rebellion against the aliens as a final attempt to save the human race

the 1984 version of V... not bad graphics for that time to be honest!

due to the popularity of the movies during that time the film has just re-lunched another more recent version of V, it involves a better plot to the story and lovely special C.G work :)

the only picture i could find of a lizard alien in V 2009.

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