quick stories

i have been thinking about stories that i could apply to my animation that include, my three words:
  1. A regular man goes to a factory that make his trombone into a superpower
  2. the superhero is over perfect at very thing he does but when he has a trombone competition against his arch nemesis he easily loses
  3. a factory that makes robots superheros to protect the city, and one of the robot superheros finds a liking to a trombone player and starts singing to it.
  4. a failed superhero with a strange ability discovers a trombone at a abandoned factory and decides to use it with his ability to fight evil
  5. a fast superhero prankster uses a trombone to terrorise civilians until his mischief goes too far!

i would like a bit of feed back to know what you guys think and any giving suggestions instead or add-ons to some of my story lines,

over let me know what story you think i should go for. thanks G

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