slapstick charatcters

i thought i would take some time to show some memorable old legendary slapstick characters like
Charlie Chaplin
Mabel Normand (also known as the lady charlie chaplin)
good slapstick comedy would usually contain pies in the face, people getting hurt or some times confusion with the characters when the audience knew what was happening,

Charlie Chaplin was well known for his funny walk that he did and his bowler hat that he always had on his head

soon slapstick comedy with real people got replaced with cartoons, i guess because it was cheaper and slightly funnier. I am not going to lie, some cartoons like "Tom and Jerry" still make me laugh and will never ever be replaced with modern cartoons because they are too original. love you Tom and Jerry

that was funny!:)

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  1. I agree with you nothing beats a good few hours of Tom & Jerry, and many others like Popeye and bugs bunny, simply amazing animations that lasted for years and years.