Character Designing!

8. before look

7. fatness

6. i started looking at masks that may be used for superheros and started designing upwards i looked a t poses. i didn't really pick good ones but i was originally going to put a custom on top of theses poses. but didn't really bother, i thought i need a clear look before i had put it on a pose. i then starting looking at old faces that was used around the 1930's ...
4. with my chosen hair style i thought i would look into, facial features like, glasses and facial hair
i chose, the one on the right because he has no facial hair light stubble and round glasses. a few other people in class thought this one was good for my story as well.

I started doodling in this page...... when i had some great ideas from the workshop. i decide to give my animation a old fashion feel to it, so i researched on some old hair styles and drew the four i liked the most, i picked the right parting, as a style because i thought it looked slick for a scientist

1. these are the sketches i put on pad when i first got my words. you can see a fat child and opera singer, i didn't have a idea what my story would be like but i thought i would draw these because i know my superhero had to have a good voice.

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