Development of story! (part 1)

i have split my story up into 3 different parts,

I had a slight change of story line.

because i wasn't 100% sure how to tie my factory into the story, i thought i should have my superhero working at the factory that makes trombones.

so it should start off some thing like this,

- the story will start off with a tilt shot upwards of the 'fix it shop',
- a cut shot to inside the factory, a close up of random items and toys on a conveyor belt moving away from the camera.
- the cam will pan to the left to reveal a unfocussed object infont of the camera
- the shot will then pull focus to show the object being a human hand
- a slow zoom out and a slow tilt up to the x-superhero working hard fixing objects
- a cut shot of the face of the superhero, showing how bored he is.
- he smiles, and has a quick flash back of his glory days as a superhero
- a zoom out mid shot of the hero as he gets angry
- a mechanical shot behind the superhero to show what he's doing and to reveal where the objects go.

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