kids stories!

Henry Blair 1947

This is a story i was advised to have a look at because it had an instrument in it that is magical, if you wasn't aware i am making my trombone into a magical trombone, this way it would be able to help my failed superhero. This story has given me more of a idea to the ending of my story. I have kinda been stuck on my ending and this has given me an alternative to what i was thinking of doing.
the story is about a boy who discovers his piano is magical and decides to use his piano to make him look like a pro pianist. but how long will it last?

i really enjoyed the story. It was short and sweet, there has been many times i had thought "what if i was the best at .....?" when i was a child and sometimes still do, but am sure they would end up just like this dream.

"what if i was the best CGI artist and animator in the world"??... i guess i should keep dreaming!

this is the beginning of the story but
listen to more if u want to find out the rest its good ^-^

Danny Kaye. 1945

now this story was also recommended to me because it was another magical instrument story. The reason why i liked this story was because all of the instruments were alive, this also gives me an idea to make my trombone into a character and to give him feelings just like Tubby.


  1. You could also have a look at Walt Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice....not musical instruments, I know, but it's a good example of inanimate objects coming alive and the chaos they can cause! Plus the music is great!!!!!

  2. Forgot the link !

  3. thanks Jackie i really enjoyed this.