research on items

so i was going to have my superhero working in a 'trombone factroy'. but there is no such thing as a trombone factory, well if there is its not called that.
the video below shows how trombones are really made, and it dont watch all of it, its really not that inertesting! but did you know that a Trombone is made out of 9ft or tube? that enough to reach the celling from the floor.
:) yer its in the video!

after watching this i realised that there are little shops that make trombones, so i thought i should change the trombone factory into more of a 'fix it' factory, so any thing can be fixed. this will resolve the problem of puttin a trombonwe into a factory.

i will use a conveyor belt in my animation to intoduce my magical trombone.

i thought looking at peoples facial expressions while blowing a trombones will also help me on my how i would want my character to look like. most of the pictures look the same i guess.

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