ROPE! 1948. Albert Hitchcock

i really enjoyed this movie alot,

at first i thought it would be boren because of it seemed like the story wasn't explained properly, soon enough i started to understand what was going on.

during the film i had mad few notes on what i had picked up and thought at the time

  • the story follows two people, one likes the frill of just making his first kill of his friend and the other is more guilty and scare of what had just happen

  • camera looks like it has been held by a person, or just ruff shaken from movement.

  • frames have a long duration

  • camera is being moved very smoothly and had kept in it's view line.

  • smooth shots

  • camera uses the cover of people as a cut or a movement to a different focus.

  • not sure if it was used, but i felt a cut was used when, Philip's strangling story was talked about and he shouted "he lied!"

  • i think Rupert knows whats going on, when he starts to talk about death, slight perking the murders

  • the piano playing of the character Philip suggest pure guilt and nervous feelings, he also plays faster,

at this point i was so caught in the film i stopped taken notes, but started later

  • the camera moves around the room in zoom, when the character Rupert is explaining what he thinks happen to the victim.

  • film ends with a Philip's playing music and with mix of sirens in background and chatter. all characters look relaxed.

looking at some of the reviews on, most people was pleased with the film, they enjoy the way it was set and also enjoy they hitchcock uses in scences.


  1. Looks like it was a pretty good film, had a massive headache when I woke up so I thought it best to stay home :p

    By the way I watched Vexille, pretty good film brosif.

    Also, your character designs are looking Boss.

  2. thanks man! hope your head feels better..