Animation and history.

Edweard Muybridge- releases- humans in motion and animals stop motion photos thats also studies animal movement as well

cel and paper animation technique. was in full swing around the 1915's

winsor mccay- 1916's
makes starts to animate drawings and making them move

Norman McLaren- releases colour and musical abstract shaped animation
walt disney-1923's- disney brothers started off with cut out animation and slowly built up to hollywood

El Apostol- 1926 was made in Argentina as the first featured animation

Disney Brothers-1928- make the first cartoon with synchronised sound

King kong- 1933 Animatated by Cooper and willis O'brien amazes cinema with life like stop motion

jason and the Argonauts- 1963 Ray Harryhausen amazes the cinema with the fight life like animation with stop motion animation

Ken Knowlton- 1964 started developing computer techniques to be used of animation

Fred Parke- 1972 makes the first ever computer animated faces. University of utah.

Tron- 1982 movie was made with CG premise

Jurassic Park - 1993 uses CGI realistic creatures

Toy story-1995 the first full length CGI animated film.

Gollum (lord of the rings)- 2010 first CGI life like character using motion capture. also first to win a BFCA award for performance.

Avatar- first CGI film to use performance capture and photo realistic 3D characters and fully realistic word.

Rene Laloux i dont know what to say about this animation, it was different and interesting .it was made in 1988- a year before the world received the best thing in the world (me) :) but it was still to me because iv never really seen a cartoon that was taken so seriously, the was not streaching of faces and no what you may call childish animation charateristics.

Bill Plympton-
erm what can i say.. this film wasn't my kind of aniamtion, there was mix reviews in the class and it was interesting
to hear them, this did have a part i thought was funny but it did start getting boring and repetitive i found a clip off youtube, i think i remember this when i was small but am dont know have a look
the brothers quay-
you could say the brothers quay have done some very disturbing stuff with e=there aniamation but its all very intresting.

never the less this film had great aniamtion throughout the film. it was fluent and scratchy at the same time.

Jan Svankmajer

this really interested me because it played with all all types of shapes thats was all very interesting, i think the ending of the animation was aimed at us, to say when people make love conceive, and don't care and end up fighting
ray harryhausen

king kong (1933) was animated by Cooper and O'brien, the models where made out of a rubber latex on top of a metal skeleton armature and move while using a clamp.
this film changed the history of animation and gave birth to other animations like Wallace and Grommet

ladisla starewicz

i really enjoyed this animation because it use 3d to stop motion so well am not such a great fan of 'wallace and Gromit'. The puppets that was used for this movie made me laugh.
i thought the characteristics of the characters made this animation SO realistic and amazing for that time. i would class this animation better then some modern 3d stop motion animation because even though there was no words to explain what was going on in the animation the charatersitics and characters of the story was self explanatory

Walt Disney fantasia

Fantasia is a giant musical cartoon with no dialogue, for those who enjoy classical music this is a amazing piece of animation.

i really like this part of the film. because it had so much going on, and every little instrument that was played in the animation was interpreted with a piece of visual and i think that's what made it so interesting i think that the animation gave a instruments a meaning while watching it, not just a load of sound.

Norman McClaren

i thought McClaren's work was very abstract, he used so many different styles of animation but the thing that i noticed the most was he was one of the pioneers to making s the animation live,

his animations danced and moved to music and wired abstract shapes will also look appear in the animation as well.

one of my favorite animations of Norman McClaren was Hen hop

am not sure why i liked this animation so much but it just made me smile. ... i think i must like chickens more then i think i do and they taste great.

Winsor McCay. Gertie the dinosaur.

these where the starting of all animations and where so... basic but hard as well. i found the animation very unnecessary long but at the same time i do aprreate McCay bringing us this wonderful creation, he made funny as well, and it most have been twice as amazing when when it was first shown to the audience.
for a hand draw animation i thought it was really fluent

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