character design

So over the last two days i have been looking at features of the penny farthing that can make my character look more cartoon like and more alive.

first i looked at the parts of the penny farthing that can be used as main features that can be changed in my animation, parts that might move when my character is also in movement.

as you can see from my drawing i marked out all the parts that make my character and labeled them what i thought i could relate them with,

next i moved onto my seat of my penny fathering. i didn't really have much of a effect but i thought it would be nice to kind of change and mix up the style of him and mix the styles of the pictures i was researching on.

. now looking at the main part that would bring the character to life! its face,

if u look back at the first image can see some sketches of me trying to play with the face of my character but i wasn't happy with it so i moved on to the picture below shows which shows how i tried to make a face out of a wheel...

and that .. i was kinda of happy with it, until Jack S. said i should look into my first designs more and keep trying out the faces more, i draw a snail and a hammerhead shark there because i remembered what phil was telling me that if i draw my penny farthing with eyes a snail will have almost the same style of eyes. and i thought a shark dose as well. the movement of a shark is almost perfect for my character and i will be looking into that later. i experimented with different facial expressions on this paper i wanted to understand how the face will move or look like

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