character development.

like what i have been talking about, i have been thinking what animal i should connect my character with,
looking at animals with the same features a as my character is the fist step of this and i have already looked animals like, snails and hammer head sharks, also when i talked about the movement of my penny farthing (first wheel moving first and second wheel after) in my last post, i figured figured it would be good to do some research on that as well,

This hammerhead shark has a smooth example of how my penny farthing may move in its not nauseous. the head of the sharks moves before the tail of the shark. another animal that was suggested to me was the a Dog. all though a dog hasn't got the features that a penny farthing has it make has the over eager characteristics that i need to make my animation come to life, this may also play huge role in my story aswell.

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