I saw this on youtube a year or so and was amazed at how this music had really been captured by the animation,
cheek it out!

the story around this animation is based on a meteor spoiling the environment and a deer trying to restore the land back to normal.

The next video i think is from fantaisa 2000, am not sure but i thought i was sooo amazing its full of energy and full of color its called free bird and i thought i would share it with you lot if you havnt seen it already

Fantaisa 2000: free bird

charlotte just told me that it is from fanasia so .. ye lol

another animation i looked at is a little longer and and in 3D the video speaks for itsself so check it out
i added this link because it reminds me of our lecture today with Simon Bliss when he was talking about how we always hear sounds where ever we go and even when we are alone we can still hear our nerval system and heartbeat,
this aniamtion captures the silence of the world and brings it into a animation.


  1. Hi Godwin- it's Fantadsia 200, they did a special edition of it for the millenium. :). Byut yeh the animation is amazing :D.

  2. Hi Godwin, me again, we think you left your phone charger here at uni so Alison has put it in Alan's office.