Ideas for Nausea!

ok well i will update on this as soon as i have more ideas or decide to change one of my ideas a little better,

the first idea, i had for my is a simple "In the box" idea, of just the pennyfarthing going around in circles i guess its the straight way to go and its "safe" compared to what i could do,

second idea is a fat person sitting on top of the pennyfarting and making him, feel sick
... i think i need to work on it... maybe he could smell funny.. it will also add humor to the animation

third idea is penny farthing going up and down on a series of hills, with the penny farthing flying throw the air he may enjoy it at first but soon after regret it

forth idea can bee the penny farthing slightly broken, the wheel can play a part in his nausea, i think i can drag some symphony form the audience as well if i uses this.

fifth and final... is the penny farthing being left on a hill until he slllooowwwlly rolls down a roller coaster of hills. kinda like the third idea.

get back to me guess if you think i should do any of them.

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