Penny farthing visual research

Trying to make a normal object into a character is extremely hard. i thought i will have a look at Some pennyfarthings and try to pick up on some details that might get it, its characteristics.

As you can see the Pennyfarthing is only shown in one position, (side view) because when in a front view and back view the Pennyfarthing looks like a cross.
Trying to pick up details for a penny farthing was extremely hard, there are a few features that can be related with a human, like the hand bars can be used for eyes, and maybe i can do something with the gap from the wheel to the handle bar to make a mouth. i can play with the shapes of my penny farthing wheels to make it to react with certain things that might happen in the animation. all this will have to be decided when a story is conceived.

Phil said the secret to this project is to capture a animal in your object this will help with your character (if you are reading this then you are lucky that might just help a lot) so trying to relate my penny farthing with a animal or creature of some sort is also a another way to take this.
looking at this video from youtube i know have a good idea of how pennyfarthings look like when in movement....

..this video shows how smoothly a pennyfarthing can be ridden. but i doesn't look like it is nauseous
The Larger wheel moves first and the secondary wheel moves straight after, almost like a snake,
there are a few animals that can be related with this movement like tadpoles, fish, sperm, lizards drag there trails but it reminds me of the same type of movement,
Dogs don't really use their tail to fully move but it might be a good study for my penny farthing any way so i will have a look.

while searching for penny farthings i also stumbled on a New bike.. that resembles a Pennyfarthing, called a "yikebike" it looks like great fun so i think we should all buy 1, when we have £3,000 :) check it out

i like the design for this bike, it gives me ideas on how i might want to take the rout to change my pennyfarthing a bit and make it more futuristic.

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