OK so this is what have been thinking.
from Suzie Kent's lecture i have deferential decide on a submissive environment.
i have been looking at a particular cartoon on the Internet call Simon's cat.
i thought this cartoon uses great submissive environment to its advantage.

everything that is used in this animation has a purpose, the floor is meant to have coffee spilt on top of it but its hardly drawn, this simplicity of the animation is what i appreciate about the animation its simple yet effective and it is also what i will try to achieve in my animation.

what Phil suggested to me earlier that i should try and make my animation into a kind of kids story, or warning story.

am no pro at written, or at written kids stories,

my story is going to be about a Penny farthing that likes having too much fun, in result to his miss behavior the penny farthing ends up feeling nauseous.

i thought the story will start out with a mid-shot of a shop window with my penny farthing sitting there he will be surrounded by other modern bikes.

Zoom into our character facial expressions, and a shot of a sad penny farthing sitting there. the penny farthing will have the characteristics of a puppy so he will be excited every time when he hears the bell of the shop door. and start to wag his seat, a sad face will appear every time some one passes him without notice

i want a sound of a bell being rang in the background, like the shop door being open, and a child saying "yes i want that one", and a slow smile appearing on the penny farthing face

a fade of the penny farthing being lifted up and as a smile appears on his face.

next shot will be a faded to the penny farthing in a Box that is being unwrapped by the child and a snap shot of the penny farthing being ridden,
(i will have only legs to show for the human characters)

the road for the penny farthing will be a at first a straight forward road, and then slowly turn into a steep hill.
the quick zoom in and zoom out shot of the penny farthing face scared and a snap shot of the hills ahead of him,
at first the Penny farthing will be scared and worried a she slowly moves forward, i will show his shaking.
there will be a extrema close up of his eyes as he shuts them in fear.

slow zoom out of the penny farthing's face smiling as he slowly enjoys his first thrilling ride up and down,

snap shot of the penny farthing still happy and the child coming off of him. and leaving him to go in the house. "he shouts back in 20 minute" now stay

a snap shot of the penny farthing sitting as it pans up from the wheels upwards to his face his facial expression changes from happy to evil happy smile.

a Manichean shot left pan of the Penny fathering racing back to the hill steep him for little more fun.

he races down and dose this a number of times,
Snap shots of him going down, wheels moving fast and him smiling!
he then races back to the house he stumbles and sways, he feels sick from going up and down so many hills, in hope that his owner has still not returned he stops and acts normal.
a second later the child bursts throw the door and says "lets go back up the hill" the penny farthing looks at the screen and in a worried look, his mouth quivers and he doubles over.

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