Suzie kent

so visting lecture Suzie kent gave us a new insight of how we can go about with animations ... i really enjoyed this lecture (as you noticed i didnt sleep) and i thought about what she was talking about submissive enviroments. i think the thing that really got me intrested was, i always did find that sometimes the enviroment wouldn't play a huge part, or was too hard to explaine to the audience,

so out of all the words:
  • ferocious
  • reverent
  • apathetic
  • ethereal
  • maic
  • immodest
  • whimsical
  • anxious
i thought i would go for the manic at first but, i couldnt show manic in my drawings i changed it to ethereal, wich is extreamly delicate and beauitful,
i wasnt sure how to show this but i thought i would try and hit a fantsy theme to my drawing .

i choose a underwater theame to my drawing to manke it more delicate .

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