Update on story

when reading the story again it is clear on a few things are not working,

i will take out the shop scene and just have the background of the penny farthing unknown.

this is my new story.

the animation will start off with a the penny fathering heading somewhere, he will slowly approach a folk in the road and he will come to a holt, on his left he will see his shed and on the right he will see a steep hill. he will pause and stair at the hill for a while and he body will slowly start to build up into a shiver, he will then turn his head back to the left and continue on his journey, he will then stop again and stair at the hill while traveling.

the next day the penny farthing will be traveling on the same road, before he reaches the folk in the road he will start to stair again at the hill. he will continue on his road going straight to the left side .. his head will then turn to his chosen path and he will turn back at the hill. suddenly then he will stop and reverse, he will then follow the path to he reaches the base of the hill, and come to a halt, he will shake his front wheel in disbelief in what he was about to do and hurry but to the left part of the folked road. he will give one last glace at the hill and put his head down in shame from his cowardliness

last scene the penny farthing will be on the road again and approach his feared hill, he will start to stair at the hill and slowly some up courage to proceed to to the hill, he will race to the hill and start climbing it.

he will pass clouds, birds, aeroplanes and mountain goats, he will start to feel tired three quarters on the way up to the hill and his wheels will start to slouch, his handles will droop and he will also start sweating.
when he reaches the top of the hill he will take a short brake to have a look at the view. he realises how far heigh he is from the ground he his and starts to shake, turn around and shaking , but he slowly moves back without noticing. when he opens his eyes it will be too late as he is already moving down the hill. he turns around and he's features will be warped, his wheels will be slanted and his handles will stretch all the way up. he will reach a series of mini hills on the way down, where the frame of the penny farthing will be launched in a up and down motion several of times. soon he will reach the end of the hill and he will show signs of being nauseous, he will spin on one wheel in a daze and he will slow down slouch and on the floor stopping every few seconds.


  1. Hey Godwin - I think you should lose the section where the bike reverses etc... if you show the bike 'thinking' and sighing on the first scene, the audience will understand his longing for the experience of the hill...

    Also - don't take me wrong, Godwin - really, I'm just pulling your leg about the mess on the carpet. I certainly don't think that you're in any way a trouble maker; indeed, you're an important part of our cg community - you bring the baseroom to life.,, I want your unit 5 submission to ROCK! So do what you must to be AMAZING! :-)

  2. lol.. thanks i know you wasn't serious, i was pulling your leg.. ill come and talk to u later