New percy

Meg has told me that my character is way too complicated, she told me that i should re design my character so my animation is easier for me, in the workshop i was also told that having features like eyes just made my animation more simple, so that will have to be taken out, i was also told but other colleagues that features on my animation will make it too hard for me and it will take more time to make it.

i have taken .. hardly any time because to draw this new character because it is simpler then my last drawing,
personally guys ill be honest with you and say... am not very happy with it.. it just looks like a ordinary penny farthing.


  1. ... The Invisible Penny-Farthing?

  2. It would be nice to see him, lol.

    I hope the drawing is going well, i'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece, good luck!

  3. follow this blog!

  4. ... more blogs (2nd/3rd Years) you should be following (and I should have passed on ages ago!)