i just tried to play with the some of the colours that Chihuly,
am thinking of keeping my whole animation with this transparent theme to it. like glass so i want to be working with colours like these.


  1. Hey there, I think you could develope some interesting imagery from the research that you have done. However you may need to up the pace a little (or at lest blog more, not meaning to sound like Phil) This page may help when you are creating your glass shaders just enter the appropriate refractive index into the refractive index box of the Raytrace options tab in your Blinn shader (dont forget to tick Refractions)

  2. thanks Simon, i was starting to think your a myth or something because this is my first post from you, and no am always open to things so dont worry about what you say, good or bad. there is a lack of work and phil helped and pointed me in the right direction today so i will try and up th pace a little.
    thanks for the website :)