Camera control problems. recent devel.

i having a few camera problems and other problems but mostly camera ones.
anyway i thought, i would paste some more images on how it's looking at the moment.
am going to start my new scene because it shouldn't take as long as this one. :/ i was playing with this sphere just to look at the second colour of the mycelia, i liked this green, but am sure all of you can see its too bright and will take away the effect i was trying to create

so i decide to keep playing until i was more happy with it.this colour looks fits my concept art of inside of my mycelia, and i thought looked great.

i took a shot of the mycelia together and was pleased that the colours didn't mix to bad.maybe you haven't noticed but i had put a bump on the floor and made in transparent, am not sure if it works but maybe one of you might have courage to say if it dose not.

not finished. inside the mushroom will have loads of mycelia inside. It'd going to be tricky but i want to fit a camera in there aswell...


  1. thats sick man, coming together for you! said it would nice m8 keep it up

  2. Thanks J.
    btw the cam thing didn't work so ama wait till monday

  3. I'm liking what I see, Godwin :-)