Concept 2: inside Basidium

wow its good to see no ones asleep! and posting work,
iv been trying to touch up this concept art for a while now, and i think lack of sleep has got to me.
these pantings are meant to be inside of the Basidium. i been struggling with what angle to show us in the Basidium, and will show you my failures of my drawings (because phil says its a good idea) so you guys may be able to bounce back and tell me what angle would have been more better.
here are some of the drawing i looked at to help me understand what angle i do my drawing.

and here is my paintings.

this painting was meant to be in the neck of the Basidium, i was going to look to go for a more watery or glass like effect, overall i wanted the basidium and the spores to be transparent, i think thats when i started to have problems.

i gave up on this idea because there was too much transparency going on and you couldn't see the background and other things i had put effort into. and when it came to the spores, the looked more like penises flopping down..... enough said.

i moved onto this idea below, which is the Basidium from a below view (so we are looking up), i thought this could cause problems at first be soon realised it wasn't as half bad as i thought it would turn out to be. after a while i carried on and added the spore in its meiosis stage.

ok brace yourself, this is rubbish. when you look at this picture imagine you are in Zero gravity or water it helps a lot

if u didn't read above then you may get confused.

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