Concept: before reaching the Gills

so i have been looking into my story and i must admit tis is the first thing i saw when, the lecturer was talking about the mushrooms. this is close to what i was thinking about but it looked nothing like this to be honest.

these images were to show the haploid mycelia before they reached the basidium, i was thinking of showing a long clip of the camera moving upward towards the it as then slowly turning left till it reached the basidium... all of this will be in a POV style.
originally my vision was of the two haploid mycelia in its mating stage, were i will show the two type mixing and joining together, i thought i would go for a more lower look of the mycelia joining because it will look more spectacular.

this is the second development picture and iv added spore in the mycelia iv put a fait outer glow if any1 is thinking how i did that i added little thin lines on top of the painting to fill any negitive space and make u feel more lie you have been shoved into a mushroom.

ok call me what you like but i just want to point out it was more of a inspiration then copy. i started to change the colour of my concept after seeing Leo's concept. the reason why was because i was trying to show a POV of a of a mushroom, the main reason why i went blue is because i thought when things are seen more close up they look a lot more different, eg. blood cells are more orange then red. i thought i would change the mushroom's colour internally blue.. and when zoomed out more it will look white...... well you guys tell me what you think and let me know!!! if its not too much to ask


  1. I like the blue one, but they are both good. The biege one does say more mushroom though.

  2. These are very effective, Godwin. I look forward to see more of your concept art arrive. In terms of colour and art direction - unless the colour effects the accuracy of the information, artistic license is fine; you're looking to engage with your audience, so that should be the decider...

  3. Wow, the second blue is well nice ! love it :)

  4. These look great :D, the 2nd blue one especialy :)

  5. Hey these look great Godwin, the choice of shot makes for a pleasing dramatic effect. And uh don't let my work stifle your creativity - the blue and yellow both work well. Go with your instincts and you can't go wrong! :)