More about mushrooms

ok so looking at the graph i posted... its hard to see whats going on if your a little dim like me, so i thought i would try and brake it down a little to help me understand what the main parts of a mushroom are, in doing this this would help me understand what the parts did and helping me with ideas for a story.

Pileus- the top and cap of the mushroom.

Basidiocarp - the stem (stipe) of the mushroom.

Hymenium- a serise of the part that everyone likes to call the gills part of the mushroom

Karyogany- is the gills

and when of age to goes to the. Diploid Stage

Diploid Basidium- are little parts on the Karyogany

the Basidium produces spores. and when ready releases them

Basidiospores- the spores that are generated in the Basidium

the Basidiospores then start to germinate to which is called the

Primary mycelium

there is two stages of this process and and the second stage contains another Primary mycelium to join with this one

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