More about mushrooms 2

i was thinking, how dose a mushroom start? and what kind of conditions is needed for a mushroom to start to germinate? and how long do live for?..

searching on the net i found a few interesting things about mushrooms and what conditions is needed to grow them, apparently they need temperatures up 27c and humidity of 90-99% they prefer damp and dark conditions and also and can be at its fruiting body stage within 3 days.

on searching for how long a mushroom can live for, i didn't find hardly anything, all my searches was related with magic mushroom which was really useless, i did discover one thing that could lead to the death of a mushroom and that was they don't like to live warm temperatures. Heat with no moisture can kill a mushroom.

with these answers can be used to finish my story board and also help me with the environment i will decide to put my final animation under.

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