more about mushrooms 3: types

iv been looking at different types of mushrooms and discovered that some mushrooms are also effected by climax...... i don't know how that is important but oh well, may be i can fit it in some were in my animation or something. "The not quite finished mushroom" or something i don't know... don't ask

any way here are the types of mushrooms i was most interested in. (nothing special)

Shiitake Mushrooms- so much bout this mushroom which is kind of unbelievable. a few medicine sites have mentioned that shiitake mushrooms can cure many things and apperently taste really strong and earthy,

Morel Mushrooms- .... i have no intention on modelling this mushroom but i thought maybe people would be interested in seeing a really wired shaped mushroom, this mushroom is one of the few that doesn't have gills, the basidium is deep inside of the hole like surface.

Oyster mushroom, has a great look to it the shape of the mushroom looks really complex but beautiful (i think.)

Chantrelles mushrooms- i loved the Color of this mushroom and also t
he shape of it. i think it would make a good mushroom if i decided to model it.

Hahaha i found this lovely Mushroom poem. ... and its got some of the mushrooms i looked at! its funny .. (to me it is anyway) the guy who writ it is obviously obsessed.

'Twas A Night.....

Twas a night deep in Winter
and I lay in my room,
half dozing, half sleeping,
with dreams of mushrooms.

I had stored dried boletes
in the cuboard with care,
I searched for them last week,
but I hadn't looked there!

I was thinking of lobsters,
all orange and fat,
and cinnabar reds....
I like colors like that!

I can see in my mind's eye
the fungi to come....
Those big meaty polypores!
I must have some!

I'll just mope around
and wait for the Spring,
deprivation, I tell you...
I must have fungal things!

I'll dash out to the woods
by the first week of May,
hunting for the morels...
please don't get in my way!

Oh, how I miss foraging!
It's really a bummer
to be trapped here all Winter
just waiting for Summer!

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