target audience, and story board

hmm so looking at all the little parts to a mushroom cycle, i have decided to do a animation on how the basidiospores reach the soil and and very slowly grow into haploid mycelia, find a mate and develop to a Dikaryotic Mycelius and then into a mushroom.

am not 100% sure of what type of audience i will be aiming at but i think it will be more or a late teens animation around the 14-16's year olds, i don't want to make it too serious but just interesting enough to get the throw with out getting to bored.

i thought i would start the animation off with a few basidiospore's, i want to show how one basidiospore makes it through some of the dangers of life and make it to grow into lovely mushroom. and releases another spore

a group of basidiospore's are released together, the camera focusses on one spore in a sidewards pan view, u see some of the spores crashing into things and dying but this spore finds it to the perfect place. it settles down and starts to germinate hitting the first stage of haploid, soon after another spore lands beside him and it also starts to germinate into a haploid,
the camera will then soon move under both spores as the first touch for the first time.
the camera will move upward as we see the Dikaryotic stage starts we see the mushroom getting thicker and more complex with the mushroom and we slowly moves into the karyogany area and into the basidium and then released again.

pretty much this digram shows what will be done but i will go for more of a POV view of the then be released again.


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