the weird transparent and glowing world!

i have been looking at different things that are transparent and glowing, most of these creatures use their glow to catch pray and that have grabbed my attention. The reason why i have been looking at these things is their colour, i hope that i can use this sort of colours with shaders and will definitely have a look into them.

looking at the different types of jelly fish colours really interested me, i love glow of the jellyfish,
moving on i thought i would have a look at ice and the lighting some artiest use on there sculptures
i thought ice had the right sort of transparency to make the lighting seen.
here is a great example of the lighting. the way both colours are used within the sculpture brings out sharp highlights about it.

i looked at more glass sculpture with lighting though, i could find the artiest name but i thought i looked great, the inspiration of the sculpture was jellyfish of-course,

once again the lighting on these sculptures really bring out the highlights of the edges and the patterned detail within the sculptures. i will be looking to do this with bumping onto of my transparent glass looking mushroom.

i found this video on you tube while looking on a website, its called a palagic tunicate. i found it hypnotising in some sort of way. apparently the home to all of these weird strange creatures is the Galapagos islands.

i think one of the most interesting things i have looked at in this research is the ctenophore bathocyroe, i looks so beautiful because of its glowing sides and strange shapes.( i think)* intouch with my feminine side.

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