character design

so iv been looking at different things that will give my child character a western feel to him,
and put them all together, i will also be looking at the chicken later, and i really want to play around with the faces of the characters.

character 1: child
when i first started off i just wanted to get the basic figure of the character down, so that i would understand where some of the features of the character.
next i started mixing some colours together to create a skin colour i was happy with, i thought i would add freckles to the character and would keep all of his features really basic. on the lines of eye, outline nose, and freckles

after i wanted to play around with the colours of the character's clothes to see how he may look like


  1. Hey Godwin, am loving the 'summer project gusto' on show here! He's rather charming and I suggest you now attempt to 'simplify' him even further into his 'shapes'... see link below for an example of what I mean...

  2. yer, i was just thinking that myself! thanks phil