Summer Project :SoundScape 19

Now usually i would say some thing like my soundscape is very hard, but i had a listen to the others and i was shocked! some of you have some very hard stuff.
my sound scape is 19..... and it has this country hoe down sort of vibe to it. i get a image of a chicken straight away! am sure most of you will agree with me
am thinking on more of the lines of a small country child trying to help out on the farm and a troublesome chicken.




  2. where is your soundscape? :) I want to listen to it :)

  3. Hey Godwin! :-) Nice to see you're beginning to fire up that creative brain of yours... you know, chickens are inherently comedic - Norman Mclaren thought so too...

  4. Hahahaha i loovvee this tom!...i this may be the next dance of 2010!:P
    and sorry j the next post will be labelled with your name on it your hyenas, i wanna squeeze alot of humour in there phil