i watched the film percy jackson and the lighten thief the other day with my little brother, the whole Greek Olympians thing really sparked of a intreats that was dormant form a couple of years, there are so many characters to greek mythology that have good story to it, i will be looking at some and trying improve on my 2D skills, i will also try and create in on maya and see how that goes,

the story of medusa was she was cursed my the Goddess, Athena, for her beauty and making love in her temple with the god of the sea, Poseidon.

I draw Medusa with a face that might say, "Why are scared? am still beautiful" sort of a worried look. i wasn't so
sure about the scales i put on her back my sister said it looks fine.
i only used two layers on this because i still haven't gotten 100% used to them, so am working with them in a different drawing.


  1. Yo Godwin! this is really awesome, id say the only downfall are her hands, they are a tad too big and i dont think they need to look like tht at all. plus the snakes could look more mean :)

  2. yer much agree, i kept the long on purpose but i wasn't sure.
    the idea behind the fingers was the long nails a monster-ish size of fingers, i guess they don't work then. and ill touch up the snakes. thanks man.

  3. Looks great Godwin, this must of taken a while.

    Have you seen the new Clash of the Titans? Medusa in that looks amazing.

  4. I think perhaps you should take a look at Jon Stewart's major project blog...