Influence map : highschool . Ghost hunters

my two words chosen for my character design was School kids, Ghost hunters

which is ok i guess it could have been alot worse.

the immediate thing that popped into my head was

Scooby Doo

which is based on middle aged college students that have stopped going through education to find ghosts and ghouls all over America for no reason.

the main cartoon character is the hero/Coward and is also a Dog.... that can speak.

the Mystery inc. always catch the villian which just turns out to be regular humans,

Scooby doo will fall in the catigory of mystery, highschool, ghost and i will try my hardest not to go on the same lines when looking at my map.
iv been looking at different things that might go with my words.

i have done a few influence maps of where i might be heading with my character design.

here i was lookking at basic charaters for the animation
a Geek, sports player, cheerleader, teacher and goth

i was looking at posible weponary that might be used to fight ghost, i was trying to get regular like baseball bats and balls,
then i thought i would have a look at the ghost busters equipment becasue there is alot of technical stuff that can give me new ideas.

i checked out all the locations at a highschool like gym, feild, changing rooms, class room and hall ways. i want to base my ghost fighting crew in the school, becuase it adds to the theame. if am not happy with what i have i can always take my ghost busters to a different location.

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