Mulholland Dr. 2001 - Post Modernism lecture

iv watched many different films and was happy with the ending of the film, by this film was very different i couldn't believe that the ending was so unclear to me.
am not sure what i thought of the movie but i will try and make seance of what i did understand.
to me there was to different stories, one of them was a story about a lady called 'Betty' who is an actress who finds a car accident victim named 'Rita' suffering from memory loss.
to me the story was pretty straight foreword but also abit random in some scenes,
i think the director David Lynch tried to create a ambiguity and confusion to the film on purpose so the narrative would be clear to a viewer like me. the film sparked many interest points and questions in my head, and i believed in the film there was a real story i was missing out, was the story a dream of one of the two characters? or maybe the character Betty was imaging the other character Rita as a comfort to a bad exprience in her life?

i think i might to watch this film again i did enjoy it

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