Starting of new year: Unit 1&2 : unit two Character design : Justin Wyatt.

Well we have been giving two units this year,a retro project and a character design project and they seem very interesting.

The retro project was based on a coupe of words we picked out of random as a group, the result of the words we picked was.
The Attack of the Horrible Bicker from the Black Lagoon.

its a bit lengthy but am sure we can make it work.

here is the sites URL:

check it out ;)

the other project is a character design project and we had our first day with the illustrator Justin wyatt.

and he talked about the rules of character design.

mr. wyatt talked about certain things in a characters that is usely familiar

and when you really think about it, its really noticeable.

you can always tell who the evil person in a Disney film: they share the common features.


  • pale skin (lilac, light pink)
  • resembles animal

  • dark clothing. (purples, black, blood red)

  • strong posture
  • Iver tall or wide physic

  • long eyelids
  • over extended features ( chin, nose, fingers, natural facial expression)

with these rules used in the correct way a successfully villain can be easyly created.


sidekicks are much different from villains, the have a little difference from the main hero's or villains.

here are a few things I picked up from them.

  • Sidekicks can have any sort of shape. (shape that suits there personalty the most)

  • they are the most animated this with in the cartoon, ( like slap stick)

  • natural colors help the sidekick not stand out too much but just enough for the animation

  • eyes of the Sidekick are large to create more facial expression when being animated

  • thin characters are used to bring flexibility for the animation

  • the bigger the character, or greater in strength the dumber the character.


heroes are usely all the same, because they have to be heroes

  • brave,bold and handsome
  • cut muscular face

  • long hair

  • good posture
for the final part of the day we was given 2 word and asked to do a influence map.

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