Story idea

I was talking to Justin today about ideas with my Words he saw that i had put my influence maps up and asked me a few questions about where i might want to go with the story.
he saw that i had the regular characters that attend school, my locations that i had picked for the story and the weapons i had picked for the story. i wanted to base the whole story in the high school, because of the multiple locations within the school, i went with story that my hero's have found out something about the school and realise that the students are being transformed into morphing ghosts and ghouls. the series will continue withe the schoolkids trying to find out the master mind (villain) that is turning the students into these monsters.
the original idea for my sidekick was to have a object that may be able to tell if the students where disguised as ghosts, in order for them to proceed with hunting.
but am still 100% sure about it. i was given a idea by Alex to make my sidekick into a Ghost,
but would that take too much mystery away from the story, unless i make the ghost sidekick into a mute.
i will still need to have a play around with some of the idea's

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