Character development

so i talked to Collin white and we started talking about the ideas of my characters.
i forgot to tell you that i have made a few changes, like instead of having 4 different hero characters, am now sticking to one hero and a sidekick.
i found making four different hero's might be little too much to handle.
instead i will be sticking with the strongest character (the jock) and having the complete opposite of his characteristics as a sidekick, the Geek, which will make a great complement to my main character.

designs and personality of the characters i was going to design.

i played with the faces of the Jock. i split my designs into more realistic and carton like the end merged the styles together to create something i was more happy with.

i then started looking at the shape and how my character will dress, i wanted people to notice that he is layedback and athletic, this will play more of the part of a hunter.

i kept the style of my character more tight, as you can see he is made out of a few shapes.
Collin was really pleased with this and said i should change the style because its simple and works.

i started to look at different emotions that my character may have. and positions his face my take.

The hardest part so far was the device i was going to use to capture my ghost.
the idea behind my designs are that, he has some sort of suction device attached to his arm when Ghost hunting and he has a Ghost storage bag on his back to keep the ghost in. this is the best idea i have came up with and am open to any other idea's if you leave a comment.

the geek will be the complete opposite of my main character, he will be more friendly, he is the mastermind behind the ghost storage device, unlike my main character the geek will fight with his brains rather then his fists.

am going to have to develop my sidekick character allot more, am not happy with it.

i showed Collin a quick sketch of my villain and ran some ideas of what i was thinking of doing with him.

the picture above shows the ideas i was thinking of with my villain, as you can see i was looking at a sort of flaming ghost type villain, Collin said he liked this and he said he reminds him of the Walt Disney's Hercules, character Hades
i feel that am still stuck on my villain character, and my need some more development behind him. the idea of my villain is to have him like hes on fire, or like smokey.
my villain is like a parasite, he infects students with ghost that my hero will need to hunt down.

i feel like i have alot to do, next i will start to develop my characters even more and then start to add more things that i think might be a flaw within my character.

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  1. woooow, lots and lots of stuff here, way more than I saw in sketchbook !
    Godwin, you just gonna have to rock :D