story update. hmmm

i had a talk with Justin Wyatt and i was talking about my cartoon characters. had a talk about the villain and the sidekick and we where thinking if some how we can link these to characters together and make them into a team or some sort of mixed personality character. Simon said this was a good idea but i would really have to work the the face of my sidekick character, to show that he is not so innocent. the other idea we talked about was having the geek work for the villain, we talked about where the ghost go after they have been captured, and Simon brought a great idea about the geek using the Ghosts that had been captured to bring the villain greater power.i was talking about the ghost having there own unique powers i also Had idea about the hero using the power of the ghosts for himself as well.
.. theres still some thought into it but am sure ill have some thing am happy with.

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