Character story Influence

i think huge part of my synopsis came from the cartoon "Ben 10" which am a huge fan of.. (-__- yer am a Geek what!)
any way Ben 10 is a great example of Amazing story writing. a 10 year old discovers a watch that helps him transform into 10 different aliens each with there unique power or ability
this cartoon has been soo successful it has already had 2 low budget real life movies and 2 cartoon movies made for it.

.. :)
Other programs like "American Dragon", "Kim Possible" and "Totally spies" has also taking a part onto my story line, i think these cartoons take the element of being in high school and martial arts and mix it together very well. and yes this is a huge confession, but they are good animations and i doubt no 1 reads my blog so this should be funny
American Dragon
Kim possible
Totally spies

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