character Synopsises

i have been thinking about my characters and i still don't think i haven't really developed much on the synopsis part.

(Hero)-Tai : a Young and athletic Student at a American High school, he is Asian and knows martial arts taught by his Uncle from a young age, Tai has been passed the Ancient Title of "Sei-Liuren" (dead Hunter) that is passed down every 100 years. the power of a Sei-Liuren is to sense the presence of a all types of sprits and to be able to interact with the spiritual world and sprits. On Tai's 17th Birthday, he realises the he has the ability to talk to Student he has never seen before in his Life but then finds out he is a former student from 10 years back that is dead.

(Sidekick) - Toby: Toby is a Ghost from ten years ago, he is also extremely cleaver. he decides to pair up with Tai to help vanquish a Ancient Evil the has recently taking shape into the spiritual world, the only way Toby knows how to help is by helping Tai with Ghost fighting equipment designed by him but made by him possessing Tai's body. Toby is very scared of every thing even though he is already deceased.

(Villain)- Shenji: A powerfully unknown Dead Sorcerer from the great war between the Spirits and Mutuals, Shenji is resurrected after his imprisonment of 8000 years by a teacher. his only mission is to supply his former evil army soldiers with a host until they consume the host completely enough to be immortal for the final awakening of their master.

the story will follow with Sheji resurrecting a evil spirit that will take host into a student of the high school, Tai will play the role of sort of a detective until he seances the possessed student to then extract the evil spirit from the body and then lay some magical Sei-liuren kick ass on to spirit so its weak enough to then capture in Toby's Ghost capturing device, each Evil spirit will also have its own special Ability that Tai can only use once.

and thats my synopsis if there is any
ideas please leave comment :)

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