character turn arounds

Here are all my character turn arounds. starting from hero and ending on Villain.

Hero normal high school clothes-

i tried to keep the characters really simple.

Hero Ghost hunter clothes-

Sidekick human form-

sidekick ghost form-

when i designed the ghost characters (Side-kick & Villain) i wanted to make them with minimal features as possible. but enough to have a bit of character towards them.



  1. Hi Godwin, these are coming on well. I know there isnt a lot of time on this left, but the images look a little rough. Were you planning to neaten them for the crit?

  2. haha erm no i wasn't but thanks for saying ill get on it. i thought they looked fine

  3. For turnerounds, they need to be tighter. Imagine another artist has to use these drawings to draw them for say merchandising etc. I would use a thinner pen, or just a clean pencil line.

  4. yer i see what you mean ill see what i can do, its part of my bible already what do u suggest i do about that?