history of time travel

There has not many stories that can be related with H.G well's Time machine but another story that was lunched in the same year by Grant Allen called The British barbarians.
the story involves around science, ownership of land, sex, and treatment of women it is said that in this book that the main character is more of a anthropologist where he studies how humans are their life in general.

in the filming industry many films have had the same theame of time traveling, all of them ask the question what if?

Some of the great Time travel films like Butterfly effect, twelve monkeys, terminator and back to the future ect. have all explored time traveling to the past and that what makes The Time machine story still stand out.

the strong theme is kept through out all time travel films and books, in The time machine by HG wells the theme is based on a Victorian time period, the characters and machines have to have that feeling like you are staring at a machine that was created in the late 1800's and also have the art direction and style to fit it. everything that is designed has to have a understanding towards it. most machinery withing the Victorian was created so that you can understand and solve problems within a instance.

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